Speciality Chemicals  
  ABS's broad range of specialty chemicals has been developed to support a number of specific industry sectors where product process/manufacturing is critical. These sectors include Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Mining, Automotive, Industrial cleaning, Food and Leisure Industries.

AHU Coil Cleaners - FINCARE

Aluminum oxidizes one layer at a time. Most metal cleaners are formulated to attack rust and dirt that penetrate and destroy multiple layers of the metal. FINCARE metal cleaner actually removes the oxidized layer, leaving new, clean aluminum. Foaming action helps to penetrate and perform maximum cleaning. Works fast, in 4 to 5 minutes. Easy to use; just spray it on. No brushing required. Heavy-duty performance acts as a shock treatment for severe cleaning problems.
Oil and Degreasing - POWER  
Deep penetrating action of POWER clean penetrates grime and strips away heavy buildups of grease, soot, oil, dirt, and road film without harming glass, aluminum, or painted surfaces. It is also effective and safe on rubber, synthetic materials, and polished and anodized aluminum surfaces. Surfaces can be painted immediately. It contains biodegradable surfactants and is nonflammable.

Metal Cleaning & Preserving – ABS 201

Cleans and etches to prepare metal surfaces for coating. ABS 201 lifts away rust and corrosion from metal surfaces and also microscopically etches to hold and absorb protective coatings.