FDA Approved Products:  

• RO Antiscalants
• Halogenic Biocides
• Boiler Products

Specialty Products:

• All in One Tablet for Cooling Towers
• Slime Removing Products for Cooling Towers

Wide Product Range for Various Applications:  
• Reverse Osmosis Plants and Chemicals
• Chilled Water Treatment Chemicals
• Floor Cleaning Chemicals
• AHU Coil Cleaning Chemicals
• Antifoam / Descaling Chemicals
• Chemicals for Humidification Plants
• Housekeeping Products
• Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
• Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
• Flocculants and Coagulants
• Swimming Pool Chemicals
• Odour Control Chemicals for STP
• Enzymes for STP
• Oil and Degreasing Chemicals
• Cooling Tower Fill and Spares
• Operations & Maintenance of STP, RO Plants
• ABS Water Quality Test Kits – Easy Test Kits
• Water Treatment Plant Resin